– Small Bites –



Gourrmet Grilled Cheeses

Not your ordinary grilled cheese. A creative combination of locally sourced in season products paired with a variety of cheeses from around the planet.

Cheese Platters

International and domestic cheeses accompanied with fruits and nuts, charcuterie, fresh bread and local spreads. Whether you prefer hard, soft, burrata, or cheddar we can create a platter to satisfy any pallet. Yummy!

Cheese Fondue

Not just for two the more the merrier!

Always fresh and always warm ready to dip fresh fruits, veggies, and bread. Indulge bite by bite!


Chocolate Fondue

Rich dark chocolate always served with berries, apples, and pineapple. Craving more go Smores..served with skewers of tiny marshmallows along with waffle wafers!



Lots of fresh greens with always an added touch of anything from cubed pancetta and shaved cheese to wedges of tangerines and almonds. Beautifully healthy.

Our Signature Lobster Roll

Sprinkled with organic dill and lemon and served on a fresh baguette. Eat like a local!

Pair all of our dishes with flights of wine or beer, champagne, brandy or cider.



Freshly made donuts warmed and topped with locally made ice cream. Delectable!